Matrah is probably the most entertaining part of Muscat

If you are in Muscat, do visit Matrah! You have a wonderful promenade and what is more, a traditional market, a souk. The market offers Frankincense in all qualities and prices, incence-lamps, knifes and grammophones. Directly above the entry there is a tower with a beautiful view over the promenade and, of course the cafe Corniche, good place to sit ant meditate about where you go or what you will buy next.

The promenade offers a great view over the Matrah harbour and  Ryam Park with its gigantic frankincense lamp.

Matrah view to Riyam Park
From the Promenade Matrah you have a great veiw towards Riyam Park with towers and the gigantic Frankincence-lamp.

Towards the Riyam Park you get a fascinating view to the playgorund and Frankincense Lamp.

Frankincense Lamp in Riyam Park
The extraterrestial looking statute is just a gigantic Frankincense Lamp

At Matrah Souk you get virtually everything. Daggers, lamps, and incence burners.

Matrah Souk Daggers
A fine selection of tradtitional Omani daggers at Matrah Souk.

Wapons and sound: armour and gramophone at Matrah Souk:

Helmet and Phonogram at Matrah Souk
Everything from armour to music is what you get at the Matrah Souk.

One last advice: my travel guide book on Mascat did not recommend to bargain, while buying souvenirs and Frankincence. I had quite the opposite impression. The shopkeepers themselves started to bargain when I left the shop. They offered much lower prices. Except for frankincense with many offers 50% are usually possible. After all, most of them are Indians and with them bargain I can.